Fall is Here!

Some of what I saw on my walk today

I hope you had a wonderful Rosh HaShanah.  We had beautiful weather here and it was very low-key, as I was sick.  But I’m fine now.  Last night, after the chag (holiday) ended, Baruch left for a 1 night trip to Romania to tape more television shows.  It also gives him the opportunity to visit some very, very dear friends of ours whose wife/mother died a few days ago.  We are so saddened by her death.  She was probably the most joyful person I’ve ever met.

Today is the Tzom (fast) of Gedaliah.  This fast mourns the assassination of Gedaliah, the governor of Judah.  The account is found in the Hebrew Bible, 2 Kings 25 beginning in verse 22, and Jeremiah 41.

The fast is observed from dawn to dusk, as opposed to Yom Kippur, which is dusk to dusk.

 Yom Kippur is sundown October 11 to sundown October 12 this year.  Baruch and I went on our first date on October 12 and became engaged one year later on that same day!  Of course Yom Kippur did not fall on October 12 on those years 🙂  I will be writing more about Yom Kippur in the coming days.

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