I don’t know about you, but we live where there are not many believers.  Yesterday, we had the opportunity to travel to a nearby town and fellowship with a couple who are believers whom we have known for about 18 years.  It was so nice to enjoy their fellowship and hospitality. It refreshes us, encourages us, and gives us a boost.  I would encourage you, as the weeks go by, to schedule a little time now and then to relax with some fellow believers to share what G-d is doing in your life and hear what He is doing in their’s, encourage each other, and pray with and for each other.  We live in an impersonal world which, as a whole, is certainly not seeking G-d and His righteousness. Yes, we need to interact with non-believers and share with them the Gospel, but we also need to fellowship with other believers.

Don’t forget that Shavuot begins at sundown on Tuesday, June 3 and ends in Israel at sundown, June 4.  It ends at sundown, June 5 everywhere else in the world.  More on that later! 🙂

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