Final Evening in Tirana, Albania

Last night was our last event in the capitol city of Tirana, Albania. We had a full schedule of interviews, meetings and conference teaching. The last evening of our conference had the largest attendance, in spite of the rain! We met many wonderful people and are encouraged that we will be able to form an Albanian Love Israel team.

Photos above: With the music team for the conference [led by Beny and Irma], Baruch with his translator Fabian and location for the 3 day conference event.

We want to express our appreciation to TV 7/Radio 7/Media 7 Albania for their organizing, promoting and financing the events. They broadcast our television program several times each week on their station and they bless our work in Albania greatly.

Today we will travel to Elbasan, Albania.

1 thought on “Final Evening in Tirana, Albania”

  1. Thank you for sharing Rivka!
    Grateful to our L-rd for the wonderful blessings in Albania!
    I am acquainted with several people from Albania; neighbors, colleagues, landlord, etc.
    I would love to share with them. Is there a link or more information that you could provide?

    Thank you Kindly!

    Yam Rivera

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