Finishing up the Preparation

Charoset on the left and store bought desserts on the right.

Well, now that the cleaning is done, it is time to begin the cooking!  Tonight I will cook the gefilte fish and make the tzimmes. Tomorrow I will make the rest of the menu items.

I just don’t use orange juice.  One tradition Baruch and I have is to make the charoset together the day before the Seder.  I peel the apples and he cuts them in with the walnuts.  One can use either grape juice or wine.  There are many recipes for charoset.  Some are quite elaborate; ours is very simple.

Friday is the day when all remaining chametz (Leaven) was removed from homes and burned.  There will be small fires all over as people carefully burned their remaining bits.

We trust that each of you will have a meaningful Passover Seder and Feast of Unleavened Bread.  This is the holiday of redemption.  It is a great opportunity to read the Passover account and then read about the death, burial and resurrection of Yeshua.  Reading the one will greatly enhance the reading of the other!

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