First Day in Dublin


A beautiful street in Dublin today.

We arrived safely in Dublin late last night and met up today with our travel partners and friends Dan and Fran.  They have traveled with us to Romania and Warsaw before and we are glad to have their support this trip.  They are such a blessing and encouragement to us and we appreciate them.

We would ask for your prayers for this trip and all involved.  One has physical issues which have just been discovered and others are asking for prayer for the spiritual battles we will encounter here and in Albania.  The Romanian Team has committed to prayer and fasting for these events.

This evening,  here at the hotel, Baruch taped a teaching for the Genesis series.  Tomorrow we will make a hospital visit and I hope to tape a new Biblically Inspired Life video while Baruch does preparation work for the conference.


4 thoughts on “First Day in Dublin”

  1. Eva Sonnenberg

    “….Behold, I have set before thee an open door and no man can shut it…” Rev. 3:7
    Our Father is with you in Dublin! Our prayers are also with all of you at this time! Be strengthened and encouraged and at peace in Him!!

    1. There is a lot of anti Israel feeling in Ireland. The country sees itself as being/having been in the same situation as palestine.
      Be careful for yourselves: but let rip with the message!

  2. I don’t agree with Jan, I am Irish and lived my whole life here, and don’t think there is anymore anti-Israel feeling that anywhere else. Nor is there any great support for Palestinians. Recent Minister for Defense and Justice was Jewish. He was voted for by Irish people in Ireland. unless you have lived here I wouldn’t pay too much attention from what you read in the press or web about Ireland.

    1. Hi Ned! Thanks for your input! We have heard from several people that people in Ireland are very against Israel, but in the end, we had a very lovely time while here and the people were very nice to us. Blessings!

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