First Days in Albania

Baruch’s “The Coming King” now available in the Albanian language! A special thanks to TV 7 Albania!

We are now on day 3 of our Balkans trip. We arrived safely in Tirana and our Team leader George arrived via 13 hours of driving at exactly the same time to pick us up! We appreciate his dedication to LoveIsrael and all the hard work he does. Our companions on the trip, Dan and Fran [who have traveled with us several times] unfortunately had flight issues and arrived many hours later than planned, but they were cheerful and ready to go the following morning.

The Love Israel group stopping for refreshment on our way to Shkoder, Albania.

We headed to Shkoder, Albania, for our first event. Baruch taught 2 messages on the Church and Israel in the End Times. The place was full. Pastor Koli was very gracious and was also an excellent translator! We very much appreciate him opening his church to us. We had the great surprise of our Polish team leader Tomasz and his girlfriend Rebekah joining us, We had no idea they were coming and it was such a treat for them to join us for a few days.

After the meetings, we fellowshipped with the pastors and leadership of the church. Baruch also taped a couple of radio programs for Radio 7 Albania. That night, George [who is doing all of the driving on this trip] drove us back to Tirana, the capital city. We arrived in time to watch [and I live chatted] the “Midnight from Jerusalem” livestream.

This morning we walked to Rilindja church in Tirana. It is the largest evangelical church in the country. Baruch taught the morning service. The pastor and his wife, as well as the leadership team, were very gracious to us. The pastor told us about how he came to faith after hearing Brother Andrew preach. Brother Andrew was a Dutch Christian missionary and founder of the Christian organization Open Doors.  He was known for smuggling Bibles and other Christian literature into communist countries during the Cold War and, because of his activities, he was nicknamed “God’s Smuggler“.

Sunday morning, Baruch taught from Genesis 24, Isaac and Rebecca. He stressed the importance of the husband treating his wife properly and how that will bless the marriage. Marriage is a covenant with G-d and should be an instrument of His blessings.

Above: With Pastor and Mrs. Muca; Baruch being interviewed on Radio 7 Albania; taping a short video about Passover.

In the evening, Baruch taught 3 sessions entitled “The Day of the L-rd is at Hand.” I hope to have pictures from that tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “First Days in Albania”

  1. What great works You do, our God in the Highest! Yes indeed, every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Yeshua is the Lord to the glory of God the Father. And bless Your diligent workers and servants who go to places never heard or fathomed before to bring Your Truth, Hope and a way to Salvation! Amen

  2. Elizabeth Burton

    So incredible that you are in my neck of the woods!!! I KNOW y’all are a huge blessing to Albania! See you in Macedonia on Thursday!

  3. Thank you for sharing these lovely and interesting pictures and updates with us!

    Very interesting for me to see where you were able to share the word of God.
    The more for me ,cause I have a daughter’ who was married to an Albanian Muslim and now my granddaughter married a man from Albania ,but his parents moved to Serbia
    Long ago .
    My granddaughter lives in Switzerland with her husband and I’m praying for a miracle for the Lord to save them and their 4 children 🙏❤️

    Praying for you and Love Israel ,for strength, health and safety while you travel .
    And Gods anointing to empower you to bring His Truth..
    Blessings and Peace of the Lord for you both,

    Agnes Veldhuis

  4. John and Lennie Riley

    Thanks so much for the update. It’s such a joy to hear all that God is doing! We continue to pray for you.

    Shalom from Tupelo, MS

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