Friday In Melbourne

Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne.

Today we went to the Shrine of Remembrance. It was created to meet the needs of a grieving community after the extensive loss of lives in the First World War (1914 –18). 114,000 Victorians (Victoria is just one of the States in Australia) enlisted in the First World War. Of the 89,000 of them who served abroad 19,000 were killed. They were buried in distant graves far from home at a time when most Australians did not travel abroad. The Shrine provided a place where Victorians could grieve as individuals, as families or as a community. It also served to honour the courage of the men, women and children who remained at home. 

The structure and atmosphere were very honoring to those it represents. It contained pictures and artefacts from all of the wars, conflicts and peace-keeping campaigns represented.

Some of the items from the fighting in the Land of Israel.

The legendary mounted charge of the 4th Light Horse Brigade in October 1917 to defeat Turkish forces and seize the strategic town of Beer Sheva is remembered, not just as a great military victory, but for the incredible bravery of 800 young Anzacs on horseback that changed the course of WWI. If visiting Tel Beer Sheva today, you will see the plaque describing the scene and the battle.

Field L-rd’s Supper contents.

This visit spurred a conversation between Baruch on myself on history, standing up for what is right, nations founded on Judea-Christian morals as opposed to those which are not, and how believers are going to behave in the Last Days when the times get tough.

We then went to lunch with Christian and Margarita and enjoyed the fellowship and discussions very much. In fact, so much so that we stayed longer fellowshipping rather than going to another site!

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