Friday in Moldova

Lovely autumn day in Chisinau, Moldova.

This trip turned out to have a rather fluid schedule. We were truly blessed to have it change from various cities in the country (with much driving) to all events taking place in Chisinau. It was a very full itinerary and as people became acquainted with Baruch, even more invitations came in at the last minute.

We began Friday morning by returning to the Theological College. This time, Baruch was asked to teach a class on missions. We then headed over to the Jewish high school which also houses the Holocaust Museum. Pastor Cornel and George arranged for us to visit and Baruch briefly addressed one of the classes and we encouraged them to feel a connection with Israel.

Listening to the lecture at the Holocaust Museum.

Cornel’s sweet wife Lilia served as the translator for us at the Holocaust Museum. The assistant director, who spoke Russian, gave us much information about the Jewish community of Moldova. The population of the community in several cities, including the capital [Chisinau], numbered over 50% of their city’s total population just before the beginning of the Holocaust. After the Holocaust, the TOTAL Jewish population of Moldova numbered approximately 86!

The Jewish community has been decimated. Pogroms, ghettos and mass murder destroyed much of it. Most of those who managed to survive immigrated to other countries, mainly Israel.

The main synagogue in Chisinau, which has been in existence over 100 years.

We then visited the synagogue, where we spoke with the Rabbi. His father had led the community for 25 years and when he passed away 5 years ago, the son took over the post. He told us that the Jewish community there is very weak and it is difficult to get a minyan (the group of 10 men necessary to do the entire prayer service).

After this, we went to a large church complex which was recently purchased and is still being renovated, one part at a time. We received a tour and learned about how they are ministering to the community and they provided lunch for us as we visited with the Pastor and his wife.

In the evening, Baruch spoke at Springs of Life church.

4 thoughts on “Friday in Moldova”

  1. Every time I see something about the Holocaust it reminds me of the time I was stationed in Bamberg Germany from 1983-1985. While I was there, a U.S. Army chaplain took several of us soldiers to Flossenberg Concentration Camp. While we toured the camp, I noticed several people walking around the camp on their knees, with their hands held in prayer. Their knees were covered with blood. I don’t know who these people were, but it was clear this was an act of repentance. After the tour, we went to a classroom at the same location to discuss what we had seen. Our chaplain emphasized to us what was important to know is not how many people died at Flossenberg, but of the monstrous injustice that took place in Nazi Europe even if it had only been one person killed in a concentration camp “It Was Wrong.” I also saw the same thing a few months later at Dachau Concentration Camp.

    Keep up the good work Baruch and Rivka. I pray to Yeshua every day that he keeps you and the Love ministry team safe a very where you go.

    Moberly, Missouri

    1. Thank you Christopher for sharing your experience! The evil in the world is great and we are to be a light in it. Blessings!

  2. Thank you, Rivka, for sharing about your ministry. It was a blessing for us to meet you and we hope to meet you again.

    I have been listening to the Bible studies on youtube and am very glad they are available in more languages. I wonder if the study of the Book of Galatians will be translated into Russian as well? I would love to share it then with some dear people, that started well, but went away from the Gospel. Maybe you attended the messianic church in Chisinau they attend as well.

    May God continue blessing you and Dr. Baruch and blessing others through you.

    With the best regards,
    Leila and Cornel

    1. It was so nice to meet you Leila! And thank you for taking the time to translate for us at the Holocaust Museum. We appreciated it very much. The Galatians teaching will not be translated into other languages, because it is not our program which is televised. Only those shows are translated. Blessings, Rivka

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