From Eilat Up Through the Desert

Turtle taking a leisurely swim in Eilat.

We recently drove from Eilat (at the southern tip of the country) up to the middle of the country. What a beautiful, varied landscape and structures. I thought I’d share with you some of the sights.

Amongst the pictures above are tanks practicing in the desert (also shown below) and Highway 12, which runs along the border fence with Egypt.

This week we have had the opportunity to distribute some copies of Baruch’s new book Our Blessed Hope ~ The Rapture, which he wrote in Hebrew, with terminology geared toward the Jewish reader.

We also went to Haifa to give out some books. We met with an Arab believer who was a student of Baruch’s. Please pray for him as he seeks the L-rd’s will in starting a new congregation. The two buildings below are both in Haifa and are located not far from each other. The one on the left is called “The Teel” which means “The Rocket” because it it looks like the types of rockets which are shot into Israel from Lebanon and Gaza. I don’t know if that was the intent of the architect. It contains many of the municipal offices for the city.

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