From NYC to Orlando

Rockefeller Center, NYC

Baruch and I were in New York City for a couple of days working, and just arrived today to Orlando for our National Conference. We found all of the volunteers hard at work preparing for the event. So many hours of planning, as well as physical labor, go into the production of this conference.

Tomorrow we have meetings all morning, leading up to the conference. Because our Advisory Board members, Team Leaders and Media advisors attend this event, it is the ideal time to hold various meetings and converse in person.

We are pleased this year to have with us Marko and Tanja Kulpakko, our Team Leaders from Finland, Michael Schberkov, our Russian work Team Leader, Jose and Carrie Rivera, our Spanish work Team Leaders and Ronnie and Nikki Houlihan, our Radio Outreach Team Leaders. We hope to discuss our current work and future vision.

The conference will be taped again this year and will be available after the footage is edited and prepared. We are very excited to study the Book of Luke!

6 thoughts on “From NYC to Orlando”

  1. Shalom. We appreciate your clear teaching; And we pray All Israel know Yeshua; We pray for the fullness of the nations. This may seem extremely pshat level: Matt 24 , Last Days. Torahlessnes, causes Love of many to grow cold. Central to worship, the living word, in the merit of Yeshua Our Messiah, Our Righteousness. May the Spirit of Truth Come mightily. May all the ecclesia have Torah and Know before Whom they Stand. Bless Baruch, Rivka and all in Service to Elohai Israel. Amain,

  2. I could not have made it anyway, but being an hour and a half away from Orlando, I’m disappointed to be so close, yet so far.
    But will pray all goes well!

    1. Shalom Susan! So sorry you couldn’t make it. We were blessed by the people who came. The sessions will be uploaded to our YouTube channel after they are edited!

  3. May the Lord bless you and strengthen you as you prepare for this conference.

    Will pray for the anointing of His Spirit as you teach the Word.

    Bless you both and everyone in the team.

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