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Did you know that Baruch has begun a study of the book of Genesis?  With the renewed attack on Scripture, Creation, and G-d, you won’t want to miss any of these teaching videos.  They are not broadcast on television.  You can find them on our various internet platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo, Roku, etc.  I also found the audio on a website called  As of today, there are already 6 videos posted!

During our last visit to the States, the primary comment we came away with is that people were wanting more content.  We are very happy to provide this new series to you.

I also want to give you an update.  We have done some testing of our livestream equipment and we got it to work!  We will do a little more tweaking and let you know in advance when our weekly livestream will begin.  Thank you for your patience and also your enthusiasm about this new project.

12 thoughts on “Genesis Teachings!”

  1. YES!! I come from the Northeast United States, and some believers call us the “chosen frozen”. Many churches in this area teach using a subject (like, how to succeed in a fallen world) and adding various scripture verses (if were lucky, and half a dozen or so), out of thier original context to support the subject. I can’t tell you how many churches teach using this method.There is a few churches who actually teach the Bible using all 66 books, and teaching out of them. -But even when the Bible is taught, many areas are not taught, especially the prophets, or the Torah, which should be as important as the new testament. Your ministry is so vital because not only do you teach the WHOLE BIBLE, your ministry teaches from a Jewish perspective, with the knowledge of Hebrew and Greek! This helps the gentile believers to understand like they could never understood before, because of the Jewish perspective. A non Jewish teacher just can’t teach the same way (with Jewish eyes), or know the Hebrew. I covet every teaching.One last thing–why do you not put in your collection, some of the “ARCHIVES” from Vimeo? you have some really good teachings there as well, like Amos, some of your older conferences, and many other great teachings.Why can’t they also be a part of your collection on You Tube, and Roku? they are wonderful teachings full of the revelation of GOD that he has given to Dr. Baruch. Well, Grace, Peace, and love, in the Holy spirit, Bless the Father in the name of Messiah Yeshua, G.C.

    1. Ditto on that 😉 however, please can you make teachings on subject matter, HaSatan, Kingdom and Resurrection. From a Jewish/ Hebrew understanding because I am not solid on how to understand these according to text, context and co-text of first century Messianic understanding. God bless you, thank you.

  2. I have viewed all of the Genesis teachings on YouTube, and !look forward! to the next one. I am enjoying the depth of the study and have been posting each video to Facebook as I watch them, inviting others to benefit from them. Thank you both so much for your ministry.

  3. I was so thrilled to see the additional content on my Roku and on podcast. Thank you so much! May G-d continue to bless your ministry.

  4. Michael Pritchard

    What is this “livestream” you are talking about I am not a computer genius and don’t know what this is our how I can get it! I get ROKU on my TV and computer. Is this the same thing? Help and G-d Bless

    1. Hi Michael. Livestreaming is a way which Baruch can be teaching here in Israel and at the same time you can watch it live. We will begin this in the near future. We have a tech support meeting scheduled for later in the week and we hope to get this up and running soon. We will be broadcasting live via internet at midnight Israel time.

    2. Hello Michael, on your Roku, click on Streaming Channels and select Religious…….you may have to search quite a while, but LoveIsrael is there. You can only also add them to your favorite channels. I hope this helps. May G-d Bless you!

      1. Annmarie, you are right, that is where they will show up on Roku once they begin. We will have a set schedule and for those not on our email list, please sign up to receive notices.

        1. I get them. I was so thrilled to see Book of Revelations on Roku. I was really lost and did not understand the Book of Revelation.Through your ministry, my prayers were answered. I can wait for Baruch’s teaching on Book of Ezekiel. I am now about 7 months into your ministry. May G-d continue to Bless your ministry.

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