Getting Ready and Television Interview

The meeting room for our Conference which begins tomorrow night!

We are so excited to be in Orlando!  Pictured above is the meeting room where our conference will be held.  It is a beautiful room and so are the adjoining rooms.  This year we will have the main conference room and a separate prayer room.  This room will be led and moderated by Rev. Lester Smith and his team.  We are so blessed to have him take the leadership of this very important ministry of the Conference.

Here is part of an email I received from him a couple of weeks ago:

“We have already began praying for you, Baruch and the conference; so the intercession is already on going. We hope that people will utilize the prayer room for whatever the need.  I would like to keep it open until every need is met, that means before, during, and after Baruch’s sessions. I’m leaving plenty of room and flexibility for for Holy Spirit to move. We are very excited to see the results of this great concentration of prayer. Thank you very much for being sensitive to the need for it.”

We are very thankful for Lester and his strong emphasis on prayer.  Please remember to pray for him and his team as they minister to those attending the conference.


Mr. Claud Bowers and Baruch at the Superchannel 55 studio today in Orlando. 

Baruch was interviewed by Mr. Claud Bowers, the owner of Superchannel 55, which is based in Orlando.  His channel has great coverage from coast to coast in Central Florida and our television show airs on this channel Monday evenings at 7:30pm EST.  Mr. Bowers was very kind to promote as well as our Conference.  We appreciate his encouragement and support for our work.

3 thoughts on “Getting Ready and Television Interview”

  1. Rivka Shalom !! I can’t help but to be caught up in the excitement of the Conference even though I am in Texas…..will the conference be live-streamed ?
    Blessings and prayers,

  2. So very much would like to be there, but someone has to hold down the Fort. Thank you Dr. Baruch for your service in Mashiach Yeshuah. I watch you videos DAILY.

    YOUR BROTHER in Messiah Yeshuah
    Paul Fitzpatrick

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