Getting to the Ukraine


One last view from Prague.

Yesterday we said “so long!” to Prague and flew to Kiev.  It is a short flight, about 2 hours. We arrived in time for a small dinner and this morning headed to Cherkassy.  Baruch had reserved tickets for a bus, which never arrived.  However, we were able to improvise and made it to Cherkassy in plenty of time for the Conference.  We are now in our hotel, which is simple, and very clean.  It is great (and has wifi)!

Tonight there are 2 sessions.  The first one is “Moses Called into Service” which will explore Exodus 3:9-22 and the second session is “Moses’ Near-Death Experience”, dealing with Exodus 4:19-31.  We are looking forward to the evening.  Afterward, they are providing dinner for us.

Tomorrow there will be 5 sessions:  “Moses–A Confused beginning (Ex. 5:22-6:9), “The Beginning of Pharaoh’s Hard Heart (Ex. 7:2-14), “Answered Prayer May Harden Your Heart” (Ex. 7:22-8:15[in English]), “Sin Harden’s One’s Heart (Ex. 9:22-35) and “Forgiveness Can harden a Heart” (Ex. 10:12-20).

Sunday there will be one session, “Signs and Wonders Can Harden a Heart” (Ex. 11:1-10).  We wish you could all be with us!

May you have a blessed Shabbat!

2 thoughts on “Getting to the Ukraine”

  1. The topics for this Conference in Cherkassy sound very exciting! Will they be available for us?
    I listen to Dr. Baruch every day and have miles more to go to hear all of his excellent teaching, and here I am asking for more! Thank you, Dr. Baruch, for the teachings in English.
    If I could speak fluent Hebrew, I would rather just not speak English! Baruch HaShem that you do! Shabbat shalom!

    1. Hi Sylvia! Thanks for your comment! We made it home safely and are looking forward to Shavuot with our study group. We will be studying midnight to 6:00 am. I don’t believe there is a way to see the sessions. Blessings!

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