Glad to be Home

It is good to be back in Israel!  The trip was specimg_2418ial in many ways.  First, we had the great experiences in Romania.  The people were warm and receptive and very much wanting to hear the Word taught.  They took time out from their busy schedules and their weekend to come learn and worship.

Then we had the moving, sad and educational time in Poland.  It was very important for us to see and to learn about the atrocities of the Holocaust.  The impact on our lives will be forever.

Coming back to Israel, we are now excited to share our experiences and to minister to the people here.  We have a Bible Study in Beersheva tomorrow night, where we will continue our study in the book of Romans.  We have another taping of our Hebrew television program, and we are hoping to meet with a new believer this week to share with him the Discipleship manual and the 1335Kingdom booklet.

Hanukkah begins soon, so I hope to have another post about Hanukkah this week.  Last year, I posted about when I made latkes (potato pancakes), so I won’t do that again this year.  But, needless to say, I WILL be making a lot of them!

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