Going to Share the Word


“Foundations of the Faith” (Discipleship Manual) in Hebrew, English and Russian!

Early tomorrow morning, Baruch and I are heading to Moscow for just a couple of days, to share with the people there.  We will be taking a few of our “Foundations of the Faith” Discipleship Manuals in Russian to share with the leadership.  We are discussing now how to distribute large numbers of the Russian book there.  You may remember that Baruch wrote this with Moran Rosenblit, originally in Hebrew.

We know that they are cracking down on believers and creating new laws to restrict sharing the Gospel and prohibit meeting in a totally free manner.  Now is the time to share the Word!

Please pray for the hearts of the people to be opened and for Baruch as he teaches and Michael as he translates Baruch from the Hebrew into Russian.

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