Good News!


A couple of days ago we received very good news.  Our television program is now airing in India and South Korea for no additional cost!  Daystar is now broadcasting into these countries.  This means that the LoveIsrael program is available in 181.11 million homes in India and 19.5 million homes in South Korea!

This is a huge answer to prayer!  This is one more reason why it is vital to make budget to have the ability to continue to broadcast around the world via Daystar.  If you are not currently supporting to reach the world with sound Bible teaching, won’t you consider partnering with us today?

1 thought on “Good News!”

  1. Claudia Goodwin

    Baruch your prayers were answered but let me tell you are a bless for daystar I used to see you before in another Christian chanel and I’m glad daystar is supporting your ministry. You blesses us with your teachings. The Lord bless you richly.

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