Great Meeting Last Night

Last night Baruchimg_2529 spoke a church in Cluj.  There were about 70 in attendance and I was told that it was live-streamed as well.  Baruch taught from Judges 13-16, concerning the life of Samson.  Baruch made an excellent point:  G-d’s plans and purposes are going to be accomplished.  Do you want to be obedient and participate and receive the blessings from Him?  Or, do you want to be disobedient and suffer His discipline?

This is what we need to think about.  It is our choice.  We have free will.

He also mentioned that the name Samson comes from the same Hebrew root as “sun” (Shemesh).  The name Delilah in Hebrew means “of the night”.  Just remember that you must choose to walk in the light or walk in the night (darkness).  As G-d says in His Word, we are for Him or against Him.  There is no such thing as indifference in G-d’s eyes.

Make a conscious choice today.


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