Great News


Yesterday Baruch and I traveled to Beersheva, where he led a Bible study about baptism.  He taught from Matthew 3 and I Peter 3:18-22.

We were very happy to see that a woman who we and others have been sharing with made a profession of faith.  The last time that we met with her, we asked her if she was ready to receive Yeshua.  Her response was very kind and polite and very clear that she was not ready to respond to that question at that time.  She commented yesterday that that question had not left her mind and although she couldn’t really explain what caused her specifically to receive in Yeshua, she had come to faith.  Baruch HaShem!

This Bible study yesterday is the first in what we plan to have as a regular Bible study in Beersheva.  We are so thankful for this opportunity to share.

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