Growing in Influence

dsc00106 has grown in the past couple of years in ways we never imagined.  We are currently broadcasting on DayStar, which covers nearly every home in the United States, as well as homes in Canada and throughout the world.

If you were at our conference, you heard about further expansion we would like to accomplish.  Networks have approached us to expand into India, Russia and the Ukraine, as well as other countries.  They have offered us very good rates.

People stepped forward at the conference and said that they felt led to help spearhead funding for some of these countries.  This does not mean they are funding them, but are organizing the fundraising efforts for particular countries.  If you would like to participate in that, please email me through the “contact us” on

For our current commitments, WE NEED YOUR HELP.  If we are to continue to broadcasting on DayStar and other networks in Europe and Africa, we need to raise the necessary funds.

Many of you may not know that for us to broadcast on Internet platforms such as Roku and others, it is free for the viewer, but we must pay for the bandwidth that users are consuming.  This is costing us approximately $25,000 per year right now and could cost us an additional $48,000 per year.

If you are not currently partnering with, but you are benefitting from the verse-by-verse teaching, please consider becoming a partner with us today.  I will be sharing regularly more information and updates concerning this.

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