Halfway Point


Sunset tonight in Eilat, Israel.

I’d like to begin by writing a clarification.  Our LoveIsrael.org Israel Study Tour information is not quite ready to be posted on our website.  It is in the final stages and then we will need to add the link for the registration, etc.  We are hoping to have that accomplished by sometime next week.


Here is the list of states Baruch and I will be in on our upcoming trip to the U.S.: Minnesota, Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois and Virginia.  If you are in any of these States, you may want to check out the “events” section of our website, to see if we will be near you!

I was looking over the first six months of 2017 to see what we’ve accomplished and what goals we need to set and reach for the second half of the year.  There are personal goals and milestones and there are work ones.  This is a great time for evaluation and to make conscious decisions on how to live the rest of the year.

On a personal level, the highlight for the year for us has been our 30th wedding anniversary.  It was a very special time for us and we are so thankful for all the L-rd has given to us, beginning with the gift of our relationship and also our wonderful children.

I also took this opportunity to sign up for a set of Bible studies to complete through to the end of the year.

This year has been a huge growth period for LoveIsrael.org.  We have deepened our relationship with some leaders here in Israel and they are committed to studying with us and using Baruch’s Discipleship Manual.  These inroads are really an encouragement to us.

We also have some major goals to work on the remainder of this year.  We are working on adding a Spanish playlist to our Youtube channel, for example.  I will write more about this soon.  Please pray that we will be able to accomplish this through volunteers.


3 thoughts on “Halfway Point”

  1. Karin Plaatjies

    Hi Rivka

    I’m SO proud of everything you and Baruch have accomplished by the Grace of our Lord and Father. I know it wasn’t easy, but you pressed in and persevered.

    I pray that HaShem / Yeshua will multiply you even more, that you will be an even greater blessing in the earth. And your children be richly blessed in the knowledge of Messiah and in their daily lives. Mazeltov to your 30th wedding anniversary. May The Lord spare you and keep you both in strength and good health, to experience even the joy of a 60th wedding anniversary!!! Amen!!!

    Is Baruch’s discipleship manual available in English? I would love to obtain a copy.

    Bless you Karin Plaatjies

  2. I AM SO BLESSED WATCHING Baruch’s teachings on our channel here in South Africa, and I have learnt sooooo much! Thank you for the insight you have as a Jew. May you be blessed and may God bless Israel!

    Jesus greetings


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