Hanukkah Begins Tonight!


May you be blessed during this Hanukkah holiday!

We have lit our first night’s candle (plus the helping candle, for a total of 2 candles).  We hope that you have read Baruch’s Hanukkah article.  If not, it can be found on this blog or on our website.  We wish you all a very meaningful and LIGHT-filled Hanukkah!

I wanted to share with you some updates about our work.  Friday night Baruch spoke at a Messianic congregation in Jerusalem and then last night we had our study at our center and the Live Stream.

We are having trouble with the Live Stream broadcast on YouTube.  We have a request submitted to the proper tech department which we hope will be addressed tomorrow.  In the meantime, don’t forget that you can watch the Live Stream on our website, our Facebook page, or on BibleStudyCompany.com.


While this is not part of our work, some people have asked about the new congregation started by a few of the men who attend our weekly study.  They are regularly having 30 people in attendance, many who are not believers.


Our team leader is submitting the papers this week to establish our Love Israel Foundation in Finland.  The response to Baruch’s last visit was very positive and people are very aware that the time is short to spread the Word.


We are looking forward to our January conference in Amsterdam.  The dates are January  18-20.  The theme is: “Torah (the law) Relevance According to Paul”.  On January 17, Baruch will be speaking in Zwolle and the topic there will be:   “Watching the Fig Tree Messiah’s ‘command’ to the Church.”


As you know, I’ve begun the “Biblically Inspired Life” YouTube channel.  Baruch and I taped another episode of Marriage Mondays and I will upload it tomorrow.  I hope you will check it out on YouTube!



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