Hanukkah in Israel

We are thankful every day to have the blessing of living in Israel! To walk down the street during Hanukkah and see hanukkiahs, sufganiyot (doughnuts), dreidels and hear Hanukkah music is such a good feeling. I will share some links at the end of this post of some traditional Hanukkah songs.

It is traditional to eat foods cooked in oil during this holiday. This is to commemorate the traditional story of the miracle of the oil. Two of these foods are doughnuts and latkes.

I had planned to show some pictures of us cooking some latkes (potato pancakes) but I have been without a cooktop for Hanukkah until just now and there is no time to make them today. Here is a link to a previous Hanukkah where I showed the steps for making these delicious, traditional dishes.

Just a few sufganyot for us this year! Don’t want to go overboard 🙂

Tonight is the lighting of the last candle. Here are a couple of songs to try singing this evening!

May you enjoy the last bit of Hanukkah!!

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