Happy 70th, Israel!


Flag streamers attached to the buildings in our complex in honour of Israel’s 70th Independence Day.


Beautiful flag Baruch and I saw while out walking today.



This is a photo of the fireworks last night, taken by our younger daughter.  No, the palm tree was not hit!

What a miracle that the modern State of Israel exists.  We are surrounded by enemies!  We have absorbed millions of Jews from all over the world!  We must use a huge amount of money to maintain our military (which is one of the best in the world).  And yet, except for the United States, we have more Start-Ups than any other country in the world, and more people/countries are seeking to invest in Israeli companies.

While having  struggles and enemies, Israelis are amongst the happiest people in the world (we rank #11).  Please pray for Israel and her people that they will turn to the L-rd for salvation and protection!


3 thoughts on “Happy 70th, Israel!”

  1. Michael Pritchard

    Congratulations to the people of Israel. God Blesses the Land and its people. Blessed is the Name of the Lord.

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