Happy Hanukkah!

Check out the link below for the latest article by Baruch concerning Hanukkah!


3 thoughts on “Happy Hanukkah!”

  1. Ingrid christina kern

    Thank you for the wonderful article, i shared with my believing friend. tomorrow i am blessed to be part of a local Hanukkah festivity and tonight i will light the first candle and spend time in scripture and prayer. thanks to you i have learned a better living and post a daily prayer on the western wall on FB, read aloud a psalm, and try not to forget the Amidah which i find very important and enriching a true messianic life…going through my tribulations with my daughter, we are no longer on speaking terms after she attacked me in a vicious manner, verbally, in counselling, i have found a lot of comfort and direction in my work with your videos, currently Colossians, 1 Corinthians, and Exodus. and it also gives me the peace and ability to help my friend karen here who is in shambles, anxious about her life with an agnostic husband. God brought us together, so we agree, so i can bring her sisterly advice based on my scriptural learning, all thanks to your diligent ministry! God may bless you both and hey, drink lots of hot tea with lemon and honey, Baruch, to get rid of that little hacking cough!

  2. Rivka,
    We lit our lamps, played our games, and sang our songs for the first night of Chanuka.
    We have been studying Revelation and we watched the special Chanuka video which was done in that series. What a great teaching by Baruch! We were so excited about the little book of Haggai! What an eye-opening experience and really blessed our night! Thank you so much.
    ” Chag Chanuka Sameach!” to both of you!

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