Happy Independence Day, Israel!

Israel has the very interesting schedule of Memorial Day followed immediately by Independence Day. I think it is a great sequence to remember the fallen followed by the celebration of what these brave soldiers died for!

Today is unique, as a 100 meter order is in effect. This means that no one is to be out more than 100 meters from their home. I’m sure this is very difficult for those who have the tradition of cooking outside at parks with many friends and family. Today, it has been a quiet day (in our home) but there was loud music in the condos around us and much cooking out on balconies.

A good day for sugar cookies!

Today’s tight restrictions will be lifted in various stages beginning tonight at 8 p.m. and preschool-grade 3 opening Sunday. Of course this will be necessary as many work places will open and young children will need a place to go during the day. The economy here has been hit hard, especially in Eilat. Over 50% of the population there is currently unable to work. Tourism is very important here and it will take a long time to recover.

2 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day, Israel!”

  1. Happy Independence Day !

    For the first time this year I was able to be more connected to the day of remembrance of
    the fallen soldiers.,because I witnessed the lighting of a candle and the siren going of for 2 min.. ,all via internet..I realized that the people of Israel feel so connected also because every family has to go through a time where there’s somebody in the family who is,or was or will be part of IDF to defend their land . Quite amazing. I listened to the stories that people told about their loved ones who lost their lives, for the land and it’s people.
    Also very typical that they celebrate abundantly their day of independence, ❤️
    HE will turn their mourning into dancing.🙏🇮🇱

    Blessings from the Netherlands

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