Hateg, Romania

Picture on left taken in Cluj, Romania, on Friday morning.  Picture on right taken near Hateg, Romania, on Friday late afternoon.  Distance between them:  117 miles

Tonight we finished up our time in Hateg, Romania.  This was our first visit there and hopefully NOT our last!  We had such a wonderful time and the people were so kind and gracious.

On Friday, we went to a church outside of Hateg, where we had a Messianic service with believers who traveled from Cluj to worship with us as well as some members of the church.  I have to tell you how this came about!

Last month, Baruch and I were in Jerusalem meeting with a Messianic leader from Cluj. We were telling him about our upcoming trip and his wife was on the phone with him saying that we needed to come to her hometown in Romania called “Hatzeg.”  We didn’t know the location and after awhile I saw his writing on a napkin and said, “I think we are going there next month!”  The confusion was in my and Baruch’s pronunciation of where we were going. So, as it turned out, we already had plans to go there!  Therefore we added the Friday night service and we ended up with Baruch teaching Friday night, all day Saturday and 3 messages on Sunday.  The church we met in on Friday night is associated with the church we met in on Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday, the congregation provided lunch for us and the attendees who had made reservations.  On Sunday, we had lunch at the home of a lovely couple, Constantine and Ioana, along with their son Levi.  We had great conversation with them.

Tonight we are back in Cluj, where tomorrow morning Baruch will tape the next set of television programs.


Baruch speaking on this morning (Sunday).  We were so thankful for his translator, Alexadru.  He did a fantastic job and was our contact for the entire event.

The front cover and inside of the booklet for the conference, along with a bookmark with Hebrews 8:1-2

Tomorrow I will share with you what we learned about the Jewish community in Hateg and share pictures from the places we visited.

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