Have You Read These?


Two of Baruch’s books you may have missed.

There may be some of you who are newer to LoveIsrael.org and aren’t aware of some of the books Baruch has written.  I wanted to just highlight two of them.  They would be great additions to your library.

Without A Friend is an inductive study of many of the primary texts, both Biblical and rabbinical which deal with a proper understanding of what will happen not just to Israel, but the entire world, in the end times.

The Coming King examines the whole of Scripture to shed light on the growing controversy within G-d’s people today concerning the Millennial Kingdom, as well as paint a picture of this future Thousand-Year Kingdom and the character of the very King who all of history has been waiting for.

These books can both be purchased through HolylandMarketplace.com.  Here is a link:



2 thoughts on “Have You Read These?”

  1. Christina Gilbert

    Thank you Rivka, i didn’t know Baruch wrote these books and have immediately purchased via Kindle and will place orders for the actual books. Since discovering Baruch’s teaching not long after our first trip to Israel in November 2017 we have been avidly listening to Baruch via podcast and YouTube. He is my absolute favourite Teacher.

    Thank you also for your short blogs and pictures, i so enjoy reading what you two are up to.

    May the LORD bless you both, Christina.

  2. Yes, I have read both books and I highly recommend!
    Great resources to further your Bible studies.

    Thank you Baruch and Rivka for teaching Biblical Truth!
    Truly a Blessing

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