Heading Home

Stockholm, with a bit of snow.

As I write, we are in the airport in Stockholm. We woke up to a tiny bit of snow, the first of the season for them. Our Northern Europe Team continues to talk about the conferences and have felt a personal impact by the people and the outpouring of testimonies.

Thank you to those who partner with us to help make these meetings, conferences and events possible.

On Monday we met with the head of TV7 in Sweden. Daniela was a delight to meet and we shared many goals, including sharing quality teaching to impact the people of Sweden. This face-to-face meeting was very important, as we can all share our goals and concerns for outreach and see how to best facilitate them.

With Daniela.

We would ask that you pray for wisdom for us as we contemplate each trip as it gets closer. We’ve had to cancel a few already due to the coronavirus. Israel is very strict about letting people back into the country after having traveled to certain regions/countries.

MY BIBLE STUDY app. We continue to receive positive feedback concerning our new app, “My Bible Study”. If you have not yet downloaded this free app, please do! It is available for Apple and Android devices.

MI ESTUDIO BIBLICO. Our app is also available in Spanish! Share Mi Estudio Biblico with your Spanish-speaking friends!

NEW STUDY GUIDE. We are very excited about our new study guide for the Book of Ruth. Be sure to get it from our website today! Print it out and take notes on it or add it to your notebook!

3 thoughts on “Heading Home”

  1. Kelley and Kathy King

    We love your Bible study app here in Wyoming! We can o oh get one show per week on tv so this is so nice to study! Thank you!!

  2. Receive comfort in the fact that an army of prayer warriors are keeping you daily in prayer for guidance, protection, and wisdom in every trip, every mode of transportation you must use, and personal encounters as you in obedience do your part in our Father’s plan!

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