Heading Out Today — Praying for Timely Arrival

Beautiful rimonim (pomegranates) in Israel.

Today we head to Melbourne, Australia, via Hong Kong. If you have been watching the news, you know that there have been protests there and the airport was closed down yesterday. These protests are in opposition to China’s tightening the reins on Hong Kong and the people being concerned about their freedoms and rights. We are praying that the flights resume to normal in time for us to make it to Melbourne for our events.

This trip has many venues and we would ask for your prayers that the travel will go smoothly so that we are on time to each of them. We would also ask that hearts are prepared for what the people will hear.

Baruch will be teaching at churches, Messianic congregations, groups of leaders and Bible colleges. Baruch will also be speaking to the Parliament for New South Wales, Australia! This is a huge! It is the governing body for the area which includes Sydney. It is a pivotal time there, as this is the only area of Australia in which it is still illegal to have a abortion and it is a hotly debated topic.

I would also ask for prayer for me as I speak in Singapore at my first venue for the Biblically Inspired Life (BIL) on September 3! I will be speaking at the Esther Ministry ladies group and I am looking forward to spending time with them. While in the States, I was approached by a couple of different women, suggesting ways that BIL can minister to women. I do have some direction for the future and I need to buckle down and get moving.

Thank you for your prayers for Baruch and me as we travel. We appreciate it very much.

Finally, Baruch and I Skyped recently with Dieter from Germany. He will be helping us to organize our prayer around the world. Many people have emailed us about participating in organized prayer for LoveIsrael and the spreading of Biblical truth around the world. I will give you an update on that soon.

11 thoughts on “Heading Out Today — Praying for Timely Arrival”

  1. Dear lady, I am praying for you and for Baruch to spread the Biblical truth all around the world. God bless you and your work!
    Lorena from Bucharest, Romania

  2. Beth-Anne Colosi

    May God bless you all with safe travels, I pray that the message you deliver will fall in fertile ground and that new seeds of hope will spring up. My prayers surround you. God bless

  3. Christopher Morrison

    Wow! This is a big deal. Hashem must believe that Baruch has a very important biblical message to give the Australian people. I pray to Hashem that Baruch and Rivka, and their mission team have a very successful mission to Australia and Hong Kong, and that they will return to Eretz Yisrael safely.

    Baruch Hashem Adonai

    1. We are so thankful that Baruch will have the opportunity to address this Parliament. We appreciate prayers for this event.

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