Heading to Amsterdam on Thursday


View of Amsterdam, taken on a previous visit.

Very early this Thursday morning, Baruch and I will be heading to the Netherlands.  There, Baruch will be teaching Thursday night at a congregation about 1 1/2 hours outside of Amsterdam.  Friday night, all Shabbat, and Sunday morning, he will be teaching a conference in Amsterdam.  Sunday night, Monday night, and Tuesday night he will be teaching a conference in the city of Alkmaar, which is about 1/2 hour outside of Amsterdam.  Please pray for Baruch, as he will be teaching 18 different messages over the course of those few days!

The number of people and the number of speaking engagements continues to grow in the Netherlands, and we even have a Dutch website:  love-israel.nl.  I encourage you to check it out, even if you can’t read it! 🙂

Many times, Baruch’s speaking engagements come about because there is someone who contacts us and wants to sponsor an event, meaning find a location to host it and also do promotion.  Our initial contacts in the Netherlands, who are now our friends, did just that.  They have worked hard on our behalf to get sound Biblical teaching to the people of the Netherlands.  They create the content for the Dutch website and have learned to maintain it once it was created.  They also arrange and promote the conference in Amsterdam.

This kind of organic growth of LoveIsrael.org has taken place in other areas, too, such as in Romania.  On our next trip there, in January, Baruch will be teaching at 6 different locations, as well as taping 8 episodes of our television program.

We do appreciate all your prayers for LoveIsrael.org and for Baruch and myself.  I do ask for prayer for Baruch as he now prepares 6 messages each week, 3 in English and 3 in Hebrew, as well as all of the other messages at conferences, etc., when we travel.

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  1. So looking forward to your coming and Baruch’s teachings! Welcome to Amsterdam! Safe travels and Gods blessing.

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