Heading to Ireland and Albania



“HAPPY” sign at an outdoor mall in Israel, yesterday.

Yesterday, Baruch taped videos for while we are in Ireland and Albania.  We also had the opportunity to meet up with a dear couple who are friends of ours for many years.  They are strong supporters of LoveIsrael.org.  They were also interested in hearing about the growth of LoveIsrael and some future endeavors.  It is very refreshing to sit with fellow believers and have that closeness that is impossible to have with others.  We praise G-d for dear friends who are a part of our lives.

As I write, we are at the airport, heading to Ireland via Munich.  We would appreciate your prayers for this trip.  The organizers of both events have encountered struggles, each of their own nature.  We ask that you would pray for each of them…for peace, strength, encouragement and for one….physical healing.

We appreciate very much all of the work which has gone into planning and promoting these events.  All team leaders and organizers for LoveIsrael are volunteers who desire to see the Word of G-d spread throughout the world.  We are finding more and more people have not heard the Word taught!  Stories and motivational talks have replaced sound Bible teaching in many churches throughout the world.

I look forward to sharing with you some of our experiences along the way on this trip.

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