Heading Towards Jerusalem

This past Friday, we left the Galilee and stopped by Kursi, where Baruch taught about the miracle where Yeshua cast out the demons and then went into the swine and ran down the slope of the Golan into the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee).

Next we headed to Bet She’an.  In the Biblical account of the battle of the Israelites against the Philistines on Mount Gilboa, the bodies of King Saul and his son Jonathan were hung on the walls of Beit She’an (1 Samuel 31:10).

We then headed to Gilgal, where the Children of Israel camped after entering the Promised Land.  We read about this in Joshua chapters 4 and 5.

A sign designating Gilgal; flint stones in Gilgal.

After Gilgal, we went to the baptismal site which is more southern than the one most groups go to.  This is a more authentic location, knowing that John the Baptist was in the desert.  This was a special time, as we all participated or witnessed in first-time

We then made our way to Jerusalem, where we welcomed in the Shabbat and took an evening walk through Mea Sha’arim, an Ultra-Orthodox community in Jerusalem.  We saw many people heading home from evening prayers and also walked past some synagogues where you could still hear the Friday night prayer service.

[No pictures taken during Shabbat, so I don’t have any from that special walk.]



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