Hello Helsinki!

This is a view of the entrance to the inlet to the Baltic Sea.

We made it to Helsinki and we are thankful to be here.  Baruch is looking forward to teaching the several sessions over the course of the next several days and he will also be speaking to a variety of people.  We pray that this will be a time of learning and encouragement for the people of Finland who attend.

We are not really sure what to expect but we are good friends with one of the coordinators of the events.

Baruch’s speaking schedule for the rest of Spring and the Summer will be posted very soon on our website.  Perhaps we will be near you!

I want to remind you that registration for the Ninth Annual LoveIsrael.org Conference in Orlando, FL, is now being taken through our website.  You must register for it even though the conference is free.  If you register for the conference and then are unable to come, please email me at RivkaK@loveisrael.org, to cancel.

You can also follow the link provided to make reservations at the Conference hotel for a special conference rate.  Payment is made directly to the hotel.  We do not receive any benefit from it.  Thank you!

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