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Photos courtesy of our daughter, Tovah.

Today our younger daughter and I left Baruch’s parents.  We will be back in Israel in a few days.  Meanwhile, Baruch and the rest of our family are in Israel, where rockets have been landing.  Over 70 rockets have been fired at Southern Israel and 17 Israelis have been treated for injuries.  In response, the Israeli Air Force struck 12 terror targets, including a plant used to manufacture components intended for the construction of tunnels, as well as a tunnel for maritime terrorism along Israel’s coast. Red Alert sirens continued to sound in the South into late in the evening.

Please continue to pray for Israeli citizens as well as her leaders.  We need to be strong during this time.  As I write this, sirens are going off in Southern Israel.

I just want to remind you of some of the things is doing in Israel.  First, we have our television program on METV.  This program is in Hebrew and we have found favour with the Israeli government so far.  There has not been any pushback from them in regard to the content!

We also have our English program broadcast on the Middle East Television Network which airs in Israel Sunday evenings and in over 20 other Middle East / Asia countries as well.

DayStar also broadcasts our television show (the English) in Israel.  We are thankful for that additional broadcast.

Secondly, we have our study center.  There, we hold weekly Bible studies in Hebrew (everything we do in Israel is in Hebrew).  We are currently studying the book of Isaiah.

Thirdly, we hold other studies in other locations, including our new believers study in BeerSheva.

Lastly, we have our website in Hebrew,

Everything we do in Israel is free of charge to Israelis.  We want to thank each of you who help support this ministry and makes this outreach possible.

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  1. and this is only a part of what you are doing! may the lord keep you and protect you from harm at home and on your travels to enable you to bring the sheep of israel to their Messiah as well as reach the nations to sound teaching of our blessed gospel! may the Lord bless the land and give it rain for the harvests and keep the leadership strong and godly minded. In His shalom….Ingrid

  2. We are continuing to pray without ceasing for you, your family and all G-d’s children in Israel. Bless you.

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