Holiday Time


We just completed 3 special days–2 days of Rosh HaShanah and Shabbat.  We enjoyed some quiet time with our  family and then last night we had a time of learning at our study center.

This is always a very busy time for us.  We have as many of our regular studies as we can–those which don’t fall on a yom tov.  (A Yom Tov is a festival day which is treated like a Shabbat, with a few exceptions.)  We also have many friends and supporters come to Israel for the Feasts.

This year is no exception.  We look forward to visiting with them and sharing about LoveIsrael and what is going on with the work here.

Our time in Romania was very beneficial and necessary in order to help us learn how to better reach Romanians and to understand some of the thoughts and beliefs of the past and how they impact the country today.

Recently there was a poll taken in the U.S. to discover the level of anti-Semitism.  Ten percent of the population admitted to anti-Semitic beliefs.  Pollsters and psychologists will tell you that for every person who admits to a view which is not socially-acceptable, there is a significant percentage who hold this view but do not feel comfortable to admit it in the poll.

This should disturb us!  However, this is also confirmation of prophecy. Scripture  is clear that the last days will be the worst time of anti-Semitism ever! G-d will use this to bring more and more Jewish people to Israel. But I must caution you, just because HaShem will use this evilness does NOT mean that He is behind it. Last night, at our Study Center, we learned that although G-d used Assyria and Babylon to punish His people, this does not mean that G-d was pleased with these two empires. Neither Assyria nor Babylon acted with a desire to serve G-d.  Rather, these empires acted out of a sinful desire.  G-d used them, but G-d did not see anything praiseworthy in their acts.

Those who are anti-Semitic and anti-Israel are going to find His harsh judgment upon them. May we look at what is taking place in the world and what is about to take place with the discernment of the Holy Spirit.

5 thoughts on “Holiday Time”

  1. Dear Dr. Baruch, I’m a Gentile. I feel that A TRUE believer in Messiah can not be anti semitic.I love Israel and the Jewish people.I have a question, I was listening to your “archives” on Vimeo. You have an excellent teaching on Amos, along with other excellent teachings. Why can’t we get these messages on you tube or Roku? Nobody does a more thorough job teaching than your ministry.We covet every teaching because there is a famine of the whole counsel of GOD in the gentile church today, especially prophetic studies.

    1. Hi Glenn. Thank you for your kind words. The teachings you refer to are from several years ago. We began uploading teachings to multiple platforms once we started our television show. We don’t have plans to load the old ones to other platforms. Blessings!

  2. Dear Dr. Baruch, I enjoy all your teachings, at times I can feel the Holy Spirits presence as you speak our God’s words through your televised program. I feel so blessed and my spirit is awaken. I pray that Yashua always protects and blesses you and your ministry. shalom

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