Home Again


We are thankful to have arrived home safely in Israel yesterday.  The trip was successful, but it is still nice to get home. We have a Hebrew television show to tape, the studies in Beer Sheva and our study center, a teaching Skype with a group from Europe, and a couple of other studies this week.


Today Baruch went to Jerusalem to pick up copies of 1335Kingdom booklets which were printed in Hebrew.  The Hebrew e-booklet is also available for free on our Hebrew website, pdut.org.  All other languages are ONLY available as e-booklets on 1335Kingdom.com.  These Hebrew copies will be used for evangelism and outreach; and as is always our policy, we provide Israelis with materials in Hebrew free of charge.  Your support make this possible.  The Russian translation is being used here in Israel as well for outreach and the Gospel is being shared through it.

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