We left the snow in Romania and arrived to this!

So, yesterday in Romania it was about 32 degrees Fahrenheit and today in Israel it was in the 80s!  It was a very nice day for a walk.  Daylight Savings Time begins at 2:00 am tonight, so I feel like Spring is really here.

Tonight our Hebrew television show airs in Israel.  Baruch is going through the book of Hebrews.  Please pray that we will continue to receive favor from the Israeli government.

Today I finalized the menu for our Passover seder.  We will be having gefilte fish, matzo ball soup, meat-filled knishes, tzimmus, latkes and schnitzels. Of course we have the elements for the seder plate, including charoset.  I’ve made the grocery list for all of the necessary ingredients and also some of the pre-made Pesach desserts, such as cookies and brownies.

Do you have a special dish you prepare for your Passover seder?

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