Hong Kong Stopover (and riot)


The crowd gathering…

[I am writing this June 13 Hong Kong time]  June 12 we landed in Hong Kong.  We had to stay one night because we could not get good connections to Cambodia.  When we were catching a taxi to the hotel, we were informed that they didn’t know if they would be able to get us there, due to demonstrations.  The people of Hong Kong are protesting a bill which would allow people to be extradited from Hong Kong to mainland China.  As you can imagine, the people are very upset by this.

Our taxi driver was on his phone the entire time, getting updates.  He was very nice and was able to get us to the hotel so that we didn’t have to walk through the crowds with our suitcases.

As the time went on, the crowds got larger and a riot ensued.  Police used tear gas and water cannons and rubber bullets on the crowds.  The international news agencies covered it quite extensively.

We walked to an adjoining mall and found all the stores closed (it was about 6:00pm).  However, it was full of hundreds of young people who were sitting down in protest.


The weather last night.

In the morning (5:00 am), there streets were empty, other than a very large number of police officers.  We were able to make it easily to the airport, where we are now sitting.  We will be heading to Cambodia this morning, where Baruch will be teaching a short course on prophecy at a Bible College.


I look forward to sharing Phnom Penh, Cambodia with you!

5 thoughts on “Hong Kong Stopover (and riot)”

  1. Charlotte Olson

    What an adventure!
    Happy 32nd Anniversary, Rivka and Baruch!

    The Olson’s (Eric, Isaac, & Charlotte)

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