How Are You Doing?

Street cats eating their lunch. Someone puts cat food out for them in little piles, separated so the cats don’t fight over it.

We have now been in Israel since the end of February. We have gone through 2 lockdowns and the stores and malls have been shut down for 6 weeks and are scheduled to open next week. We are so sorry for the suffering of all those who have been out of work. There have been no tourists, either.

During this time, I have been in communication via email, What’s App, and Facebook messenger with people from all over the world. Some people are fearful. Some people are excited to be living in times where we see things moving into place for the end. Others are getting deeper into the Word as they perhaps have more time to study.

The believing community has not been the best example, as many leaders don’t want to meet even though Walmarts and casinos are filled with people. Too many believers are content to stay at home even when they are allowed to meet. We, as the body of believers, need to be strong in our faith and we need to be sharing G-d’s Truth with all who will listen.

I have spoken and emailed with people around the world and so many of them are praying for the elections in the United States. Many people realize that the outcome can have a global impact. There have been “Trump caravans” in Israel in support of him because President Trump has been supportive of Israel. These are certainly important times in which we are living.

The time of winter rains has arrived in Israel. As many of you may know, between May and October we do not receive any rainfall. In the synagogues, during that time, we pray for dew. During the winter months, we pray for rain.

While on my walks, I see many interesting things. Sometimes memorials I’ve not previously noticed. Below is the memorial to the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers in NYC. There were 4 Israelis killed on that fateful day. In fact, the first person killed on 9/11 was an Israeli in the first plane to hit the towers. He recognized what was happening and stood up to intervene, and he was killed by the hijackers.

I also stumbled across a memorial to Israeli naval personnel who have been killed in service.

Being outside is not only healthy for your body, but also your mind. I would encourage each one of you to get outside at least a little bit each day. You might want to use our My Bible Study app. I am going through the book of Acts with Baruch on our App each day as I walk. Maybe you want to sit outside and read your Bible. Leave a message telling us a new habit you have begun during this virus time or how you get some fresh air each day!

6 thoughts on “How Are You Doing?”

  1. thank you for your posts! I enjoy reading them.
    during this pandemic time a could read more, the Bible and other books and I’m really
    blessed with sermons I can find via internet from the churches where I know there are faithful servants of God!- here I include the studies from LoveIsrael!
    God bless you and Baruch for the work you do!

  2. ralph edmond copas

    We all love to hear from you thank you and baruch for what you are truthful minister to us . Due to weight gain from being inside exercise and listening to youversion outside walking

  3. I enjoy reading your post. I am able to read and study the Bible more the past 6 months. Long before the virus came I would walk at least 5 times a week at a beautiful garden and listen to Baruch. At that time I taught 1st grade, it was a time of letting the stress go as I prayed, listened and enjoyed the beautiful creation around me. I am going to try and return to my daily walks. Blessings Rivka

  4. As a family we are doing things individually and together as well. My grandson and I go for a little walk when we get the daily mail. I have gone randomly over Dr. Korman’s studies but my husband is listening to his study of Genesis on his 1 hour driving home from work. I decided to study the same book at home after daily praying with the Global Prayer Team. At dinner we share our insights on it and is turning out a good time of conversation. You are always in our prayers!

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