Hyderabad, India


In the market, Hyderabad, India.  June 20. 

We arrived in Hyderabad, India, last night.  It was all new for me, but Baruch has been here once before, in 2016.  At that time, Baruch spoke to a large crowd outside in mass evangelical meetings, which were sponsored by the Gospel Association of India under the leadership of Yesu Padam. This time, we are with Joseph John, who many of you know shared at our National Conference in Orlando last year.  Baruch will be teaching Friday night, Shabbat and Sunday morning at Joseph John’s congregation.

Today Baruch joined me for a short tuk tuk ride (remember them from Cambodia?).  We saw some very interesting sites.

This evening we met with Leader Joseph John and his family for a lovely dinner and fellowship.  We look forward to spending time with them and those who come to the speaking events.

We learned a lot about India this evening–the different regions and their uniqueness to each other.  It is amazing to me the number of languages spoken here and how the country can function with so many divisions.  The Hindu religion is by far the largest, comprising 80.5% of the population, followed by Muslim with 13.4% and Christian with 2.3%.  It is actually the Hindus who are more violent and abusive toward the Muslims and Christians.  The women and girls are particularly at risk.

The men on the left played traditional music throughout our dinner.  On the right is some of the traditional food of Southern India.

This evening we had dinner with Joseph, his wife Susan and their children.  We had such a nice time getting to know Joseph’s family!

The food was excellent, with several breads and vegetable dips and spreads.  The presentation was similar to the traditional food we had in Ethiopia, even though the dishes themselves are different.  Several of the items were spicy (and yummy)!

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  1. How wonderful! Blessings to you and Baruch… Praise the L-rd! as the gospel is being spread to all the nations… XOXO

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