Immersions in the Jordan River

A married couple immersing together!

On June 4, we took a group to the Jordan River for an immersion service. Before the immersions, Baruch did a teaching and spoke individually with each of the six people to be immersed. For some, this was their first time and for a couple of others it was an immersion of rededication to serve the L-rd in a specific ministry. Most of the people were participants in our new believers study which took place in Ashkelon over a series of several weeks.

This location is not the one situated just south of Tiberius. That one is very busy and commercialized. This one is located further south, in the desert and is called Qasr al-Yahud Baptismal Site on the Jordan River. Across the river (it is very narrow at this point) there is a baptismal area on the Jordanian side. While we were there, people from both sides were talking with each other and it was very convivial. Israel keeps 2 soldiers there at all times and Jordan does as well on their side. There was also a group of charedim (ultra-orthodox [Jewish]) people who came to the site and blew shofars.

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