Three immersions in the Pacific Ocean this past Friday.

While we were in Virginia, a woman we know approached us about being immersed while we would be in Chula Vista, CA.  She would be there the same time we would be there at our California conference.  We asked a friend who lives out there if he could suggest a good location and he told us that he and his son would also like to be immersed!

In the end, we had three immersions with several people to witness this important event.  Afterward, three different people came up to us to talk about it and it was great opportunity to share with them.  One couple, from the Netherlands, may come to our conference there is January!

Friday evening our conference began.  We are so grateful to Explore Community Church for hosting the event and to Ronnie for arranging the event.  This was our first time in the Chula Vista/San Diego area and we look forward to doing events there in the future.  The people were very enthusiastic and felt that with additional promotion by various sources the event can grow much larger in the future.

And I have great news to announce.  The conference in San Diego was videotaped!  We will be working to get these videos up on an internet platforms soon.  I will keep you informed.

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    1. Ha! Actually, Baruch gave a short talk on immersion to the entire group and then prayed individually with each person immersing. Each person then went in, one at a time, and immersed. Baruch did not go in.

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