In Bulgaria


In Bulgaria this evening.

I was eagerly awaiting a report from our Eastern European Team leader, George, who is with Baruch at the Bulgarian conference.  Here is his report:

The first day finished.  We went to the church early to prepare everything for the conference.  There was an American group that are doing an evangelistic mission to Bulgaria.  The people are very nice and Baruch insisted to shake hands with all of them and to know a little about their history and backgrounds.  The conference started at 6:00 pm and the big surprise was that more than 150 people attended!  All types of people came.

We made 2 live transmissions at the same time, one from LoveIsrael Romania and the second from Facebook pages.  The expectation was for a big turnout, but the reality was bigger !  People asked Baruch many questions after the first teaching lesson.  We have now established new contacts with Bulgarian brothers and we felt again that G-d has big plans with Bulgaria.  We are very honoured to be a part of it.


The East European LoveIsrael team is getting bigger!  G-d has brought to us people who want to be an active part of the team–people who want to make something for the Kingdom.  We are looking forward for day two!

I appreciate George making this report for us.  Please join us in prayer for day two!

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