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Baruch speaking at Seed of Abraham Fellowship in Merritt Island, FL, last night.

Very happy to report that I made it to Florida and last night was with Baruch as he taught on the book of Job.  Baruch touched on a couple of topics which I felt were particularly important.

First is that we need to guard our speech.  We should speak things which are edifying.  Job’s friends spoke condemnation to him and were out of line.  They were required to give burnt offerings in repentance.

Another point is that repentance is needed in order for restoration to take place.  The friends repented and Job prayed for his friends.  It says in Job 42:10:  “The L-rd restored the fortunes of Job when he prayed for his friends, and the L-rd increased all that Jobe had twofold.”

There is an order.  We need to be convicted and repent of our sins before any type of restoration can take place.  And restoration gives us the peace which passes all understanding.

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  1. Welcome back to the USA, and especially to FL!!! My husband Alex and I will be in Atlanta on Feb. 11th and we’re going to try to visit Baruch’s scheduled meeting that evening. How funny that for 2 years I’ve wanted to attend past conferences and haven’t been able to, and now within 2 weeks I may get to sit in 2 teachings in person. What a God thing! And I hope to meet you as well!! Shabbat Shalom. Maria Elena Martinez

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