In Israel

Ruins at Bet She’an, Israel.

It was announced Saturday night that stores, malls, restaurants, etc., here in Israel would be closed beginning Sunday morning. Well, our son got called into work at his grocery store Saturday night and it was crazy. Then on Sunday our younger daughter and I walked around the city and we were surprised by how many places were open! I think some people are not taking it seriously, while others are stocking up a ridiculous amount even though PM Netanyahu assured everyone that there is plenty of food in reserve and not to worry.

Today our younger daughter began her university studies through online lectures. All classes, at all levels, are now cancelled until after Passover.

I cannot mention enough how thankful I am that Baruch and I made it back home before all of this broke out. It would have been very difficult and expensive to be stranded in another country and unable to get home.

I received an email yesterday from a friend in the Netherlands who put things in perspective. For those who want to be in control all the time, this is a great eye-opener. But, instead of feeling helpless and fearful, we in the faith should be calm and trusting in the L-rd, Who will never leave us nor forsake us!

Each day I receive many emails from wonderful people with questions, troubles, encouragement and testimonies. I hope in these times of uncertainty that each of you has a circle of friends with which to chat, share and pray. So many of the conversations and friendships today are “virtual.” I know that is true for me. With our travel schedule and conversing in what is not my first language, the virtual friendships are important as well.

I would really encourage those of you who are looking to fill some gaps in your social system to consider joining the Global Prayer Team. I and the GPT Director, Christian, receive emails expressing how important the GPT is to people.

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  1. Yes, here in San Diego, CA it is a bit strange to see the freeways and places alot less crowded . I am in construction and although it has been raining, alot of people are not working because of this Virus . It seems that non believers have completely lost their minds . They don’t know what to do; they are lost with no hope. So we have a great opportunity to share the gospel with them. Give them hope for today and hope for eternity. Shalom

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