In Jerusalem! Last Day of the Tour!


From the Garden Tomb.

We began our day at the Holocaust Memorial Yad V’Shem.  One could spend an entire day at this very moving site.  Baruch and I have traveled to several Jewish communities throughout Europe, researching the history of their inhabitants and what happened to them during the Holocaust.  The memorial contains many videos and personal accounts by survivors as well as a great deal of information about Europe in the time leading up to this terrible time.  It is shocking to see the events today which seem to be a repeat of that time period!

Clockwise from top left:  Photos of children slain in the Holocaust, photos from the Room of Names, plaque commemorating one of the “Righteous Gentiles”, tree of Righteous Gentile Corrie Ten Boom, clothing worn by victims in the death camps.


The Eternal Flame at Yad V’Shem.

After Yad V’Shem, we rode over to the Garden Tomb.  This site fits many of the criteria for being the place of Yeshua’s burial and Resurrection.  The guide told us about the elements which fit the Biblical account.  We then viewed the tomb and took the Lord’s Supper together.  It was a very special time.


Our group going into the tomb at the Garden Tomb site.

We then ate lunch at a cafe with a beautiful view of the walls of Jerusalem and then headed over to the Mount of Olives for a group picture and a chance to take pictures with the iconic background.


We then walked down to the Garden Gat-Shemnei (Gethsemane), where Yeshua prayed and was arrested.  Baruch taught there and those who wanted to walked through the garden.


Gat Shemnei (Gethsemane).

Our final stop of the tour was a short walk away, over to the Kidron Valley.  We were able to see Absalom’s Pillar and Baruch taught us concerning Absalom and David’s relationship.


This trip was very memorable and we were so pleased to lead such a great group of people.  For us, it was a treat to see people bonding with those they did not know prior to the trip.

Please consider joining us for our upcoming trip in December!

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  1. Charlotte Olson

    Thanks so much for all the beautiful pictures and posts during the Israel Tour. I really did enjoy them. So sorry about the rough start(migraine). I know what that’s like): G-d Bless.

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