In Romania

Today we are in Cluj, Romania, to tape the next series of shows from the Book of John.  Baruch flew here on his way back to Israel after speaking in the States, and I flew non-stop from Tel Aviv.  When we arrived at the studio, our set was all ready.  The people are so good to work with.  Credo TV, where we do the taping, also has really been promoting our show and resources such as, which sells Baruch’s e-booklet on the End Times for only $1.50.  The most copies to date have been bought in the Romanian language!

The e-booklet is available in the following languages so far:  Hebrew, English, Spanish, Romanian, Russian, Dutch and Farsi.  This is a great little booklet which lays out what will happen in the end times.

Happy to report that we have 527 people signed up for the conference October 28-30 in Orlando, FL.


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  1. So thankful for your work in Romania-is so needed–we all need to remember and also pray about the labor and sex trafficking. I care and G-d will provide.

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