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We made is safely to Singapore yesterday.  We were greeted by a friendly face, a couple we’ve know for some years now lives in Singapore, and the wife graciously met us at the airport.  It was very nice to see her!

We then went to a meeting with a pastor and his wife, who are interested in partnering perhaps in some way, to get the Word out to as many people as possible.  They truly have hearts for the world and are gracious and kind people.

We then went to another get together, where Baruch taught a Bible study and we were able to meet some wonderful people.  We are enjoying the gracious people of Singapore very much.  This is our first time ever to this part of the world.

This afternoon we have a meeting with leaders from the Bible school where Baruch will begin teaching the short course this evening.

Tomorrow we have another meeting to discuss opportunities for outreach and then Baruch will continue teaching at the Bible school.

The Jewish populations dates back to the 1800s when Baghdadi Jews immigrated here as a result of persecution by the Ottoman Empire.  These were traders who did business with Calcutta and Singapore, which at the time were both ruled by the British.  There has been a continual presence of the Jewish people here since then.

In recent years, the Jewish population has actually grown and now numbers around 2,500.

One of our goals for this trip is to make individuals and institutions aware of our work and the resources we have available.  We would like to see Baruch’s teaching used by home groups, churches and schools of various levels to deepen the understanding and faith of believers here and around the world.

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