In Stockholm Today


Even in the cold weather, beautiful tulips today!

Our Northern Europe team arrived today.  We had a meeting with them and also took a walk together around the Old Town.  Old Town (Gamla Stan) is several centuries old and is full of beautiful, old buildings.

We also came across a large group of young people protesting Climate Change.  While we firmly agree that we should not abuse the planet or animals, which G-d created, it is sad to see the young generation being taught a G-dless existence.  The world today is so focused on humanity and every minutiae  that they do not seek G-d and His Righteousness and Kingdom.


Protesting students in Stockholm today.

Tomorrow Baruch will be teaching at a church workers’ conference.  Our team leaders believe that Sweden is at a critical point.  Even within the believing community, there is such a lack of Biblical knowledge.  We look forward to this opportunity to encourage the community to seek the L-rd in His Word.

Sunday I will arrive in the States.  We look forward to sharing in Dallas, Merritt Island (FL) and the San Diego areas.

The Torah Portion this week is Parashat Vayikra.  The reading is Leviticus 1:1-5:26.  In this reading, G-d calls to Moses from the Tent of Meeting and communicates to him the laws of the animal and meal offerings brought in the Sanctuary.

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  1. Dear Rivka, Your blogsite is such an inspiration to follow! Thank you for sharing so much about your travels and insights with us! Blessings upon you and Dr. Baruch! With prayers often for your safety, strength and continued fruitfulness in His service, Eva

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