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Day and evening views in Stockholm, Sweden.

We hope that you had a wonderful, meaningful Yom Teruah!  If you haven’t done so, you might want to print out Baruch’s recent article concerning the Fall Holidays in order to review it over the entire season.

Yesterday we made it to Stockholm.  Even though our first flight was late, we were very blessed that they held the second plane for us.  We just flew through Riga, Latvia, but were required to go through passport control and security.  When we landed, our second flight was boarding.

We were pleasantly surprised with how beautiful Stockholm is.  There are many gorgeous older buildings and we enjoyed walking around Old Town.  After getting some work done today, we plan to walk over to the synagogue.  I will share pictures of that with you.

Tomorrow we take a short flight to another town and then have a drive to where Baruch will be teaching.  One of our friends from Finland, Marko, arranged everything and will be meeting us there.

Sweden just held an election, which resulted in the anti-mass immigration party receiving many more votes than ever before.  Some state that this Party has elements of neo-Nazis and anti-Semitism. We want to investigate this more fully, because merging prudent concern with hate will lead to destruction. There is a big problem here with muslim immigrants, violence and economic strain.  One article I read pointed out that another outcome of this is that the major parties are receiving fewer votes, which makes it harder to form a government.

In the end, it seems that one of the things Baruch speaks about a lot is happening.  Instability.  And, instability is a catalyst  to change. All too often in history the changes are not for good.   It is clear that many changes are taking place in the world and that we are at a pivotal point . This is why believers must understand the end times and how to respond as we are drawing near to this period.

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  1. wow , I have been living there that is kungsgatan by the water , so wonderful !! I have been living in this most beautiful citiy for 12 years once. many blessings to you both Baruch& Rivka, Yah bless you to be a blessing to the people there, they really need the true besorah! halleluYah! abba for opening doors now , you got to go to Germany also , I pray abba will open doors there too for you to bring the Debar Emet! love & shalom to you

  2. The Sweden I learned to know what a very social communist land with confiscating children out of families with no reason and “selling” them to people who cannot get children….it is my and my families story….yes there are lots of Neo Nazis and antisemtism was already high there in the 70ties and to 90ties and there were many let in from these terrorist countries(Lybia f ex.) back then, also was the prime minister shot , Olof Palme , yes Sweden had caused by the way they do politics caused a lot of problems and when I left because of this all and what they did to my family it was only sure to me that this will not get better but more bad and even worse. Thank you for the short report and giving us a blink of insight what’s going on there 🙁 🙁

  3. what a wonderful trip! I am amazed how blessedly successful your trips are in bringing the Gospel to people allover! thank you for more learning on the fall festivals which are gravely misunderstood by the Gentile world…personally I am learning also still, but I take these days to Yom Kippur as my days of reflection, self improvement and repentance….My prayer remains my understanding of where I stand and where God places me to serve Him. But I know I am still in learning mode and my wings have not all grown out yet…A blessed trip and safe homecoming…amazed how you juggle your work in Israel with all this world ministry! embracing you Ingrid

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